Practice makes perfect


Photo Credit: Sheri Sevilla (freshman coach)

The girls’ frosh basketball team huddle during the game on December 14, 2022.

The junior varsity and freshman girls’ basketball teams have been preparing for the start of the 2022-2023 season.

According to JV player Selah Greener (10), the players do many team bonding activities and they hype each other up to build confidence.

“When we do drills we’ll always be cheering on for each other,” Greener said.

Greener mentioned that as she transferred to South Hills and joined the JV girls’ basketball team, she’s seen her overall confidence go up. She stated that she likes how her coach is straightforward and tells her exactly what to work on.  

“I played travel ball and I lost a lot of confidence in my playing skills because they [former team] were really strict. And I always wanted to be perfect, but that would always mess me up in a way. Then, when I came here, they [my South Hills coaches] tell me exactly what I need to do, and I like that a lot,” Greener said.   

In this upcoming season, frosh/soph basketball player Jocelyn Trujillo (9) mentioned she hopes to improve dribbling with her left hand.

“I do want to improve on just dribbling with my left hand because I know people will see [I’m] good with my left and right,” Trujillo said.

Trujillo has felt that her teammates have been committed, which has resulted in improvements. 

“When we do more and more practice, you can tell we’re committed to the game, and focusing on what we need help on… and what we need to do. I do see them come early to practice and stay longer at practice. And you can see they’re improving more on their shots…[and] just in general,” Trujillo said.