No pain, no gain


Photo Credit: Lucas Florez

SHHS cross country runners make it to the finish line at the John Payne/Curtis Cross Country Invitational in Seattle, Washington on October 1, 2022

The South Hills High School girls cross country team competed at the John Payne/Curtis Cross Country Invitational in Seattle, Washington on October 1, 2022.

This was the first time the team traveled out of state for a race, so it was particularly an important one. 

“It was important because it was the first time we went to a different state. For the whole team it was fun and special,” freshman Samantha Quezada said.

The teammates shared that they have improved together throughout this season and new memories have been made. The team’s new friendships have also helped to keep them motivated.

“I’ve just improved in my running and stamina and all that but it’s also a good sport to make friendships. I’ve made a lot of friends,” freshman Madison Guzman said.

Although runners on the team have their different strengths, they continued to grow together and push through challenges that came their way. Runner Kristen Mendoza said she motivated herself to do better in every race.

“One of my weaknesses was walking during a race or not believing in myself and thinking that I couldn’t keep going that I can’t do it and as soon as I started this season, I said to myself I am not walking in any race, I’m going to keep running, I’m going to keep pushing. I’m going to be smart about when I go faster and when I slow down and just give it all I have in my practices and in my races and honestly, it’s made a world of difference for me,” Mendoza said.

Cross country is known to be a very physically and mentally challenging sport. Runners like Madison Guzman found ways to keep themselves motivated during races. She also mentioned how the coach motivated the team.

 “No pain, no gain, that’s all the coaches say No pain, no gain,” Guzman said.