The senior’s buzzer


Seniors Matthew Reynoso (left), Daniel Gonzalez (middle), and Tristan Kristoffer Cuasay (right) get ready for practice at the South Hills gymnasium.

After a 4-year journey of seniors playing basketball, their last high school season will be coming to an end.

 When asked what a three-word trailer of his high school basketball journey would be, Daniel Gonzalez (12) replied, “fundamental, hardworking, and discipline.”

With graduation coming up in June, each player was excited to see what the future holds. In this case, following the footsteps of a member’s legacy. 

“I will be continuing playing basketball because I want to keep continuing my grandfather’s legacy and he played overseas in the Philippines and I want to pursue that too,” Tristan Kristoffer Cuasay (12) said.

Scary as it is becoming a senior and moving on to life after high school, the boys will continue to work their hardest and make sure it’s paid off at each game. 

“I feel great, it’s my last season and I left everything and gave it all on the court,” Matthew Reynoso (12) said. 

Most of all, the coach will be remembered for how he impacted several players of the team. A good coach will always leave a meaningful mark on their players.

“The coach has helped me push through all the stuff I’ve been through, and he’s pushing me to be the best player I could ever be this year. And just overall make me a better person,” Cuasay said.

To make sure the younger teammates have as much fun as they did, and to also make sure they continue to work hard, a fellow teammate decided to share his advice with them.

“Work hard, study your plays, and give it all every time you get on the court,” Reynoso said.