The family of dance


Photo Credit: Grace Salsido

The 2022-2023 South Hills Dance Team poses in front of South Hills High School after attending a dance camp over the summer.

Members of South Hills dance team expressed how their relationships as dancers creates a great environment for the team.

Tori Loy, the hip-hop captain of South Hills dance team, explained how there is no divide between classes and how they all have a family-like bond.

¨When I was a freshman, I didn’t feel like there was any divide between lower and upperclassmen, and I can strongly say the same thing this year. We have a few freshmen on the team and it’s almost like they’ve never not been on the team, they just came in like a family,¨ Loy said. 

Freshman Jayda Carter, new to the dance team, stated that she started dance due to her love of music and shared that the upperclassmen are a big help.

¨Since juniors and seniors are more advanced I can go to them for help since they know more about what the dance team is, so if I have questions, I can ask them and they are a big help,¨ Carter said.

Dance coach Gracie Salsido shared her thoughts about the environment surrounding dance and explained why she enjoys coaching because it has a very interesting and loveable environment.

¨I particularly enjoy teaching dance on school campuses because it’s a very unique and fun environment,¨ Salsido said.

Salsido encourages new people who are interested in dance to enroll in Mrs. Villarreal intro to dance classes. The dance team hopes more people get educated about dance and develop their skills so they can try out for the team. 

¨Anyone interested in dancing here at South Hills has great options. Mrs. V teaches beginner classes that are great as an introduction and to learn the basics, and the dance team holds open level workshops where all students can meet the team and learn some of our choreography. Once a student has taken a few classes and begun to gain dance experience, I’d recommend them to audition for our team,¨ Salsido said.

 Loy also stated some words of advice for new incoming freshmen to the South hills dance team.

“Just to be out there because no one’s really judging that harshly so,  just be yourself and just be out there so that you can be noticed and you don’t have to inch your way up,¨ Loy said.