The South Hills girls soccer varsity team is ready to show off their skills


Eliana De Haro dribbles the ball up the field while trying to find an open teammate.

The South Hills girls varsity soccer players worked to improve their skills to be able to enjoy the upcoming season. The team was focused and made sure to take every single practice and opportunity seriously so that they could be ready for this season.

“I want to improve in every practice that we have, they are pretty challenging and when I feel like I have done a good job it makes me feel like I got better,” Eliana De Haro (12) said.

Senior Sarah Venegas took responsibility as a leader on the team so her job was to push all her teammates to make sure to get the best out of them.

“I am a leader for everyone on the team and an example on and off the field. I’m there to support my teammates whenever they need me,” Venegas said.

Captain Mia Del Muro (12) said that the team really values good teamwork and helping each other out. The players have looked at each other as friends in addition to teammates.

“I am a captain so a lot of girls come to me for help or feedback, and I try to not be as hard on them so that I can be there for them as a friend,” Del Muro said.

The seniors were determined to make sure that this year was successful so they have done all they could to reach their goal.

“I hope to mostly enjoy this year, I know that for my senior year it is going to be a good season,” De Haro said.

A lot goes into having a good season, so some of the players gave insight on what it takes to be a good teammate and a successful soccer player.

“It takes dedication and hard work, getting there early, and to put in extra work outside of regular team practices,” Venegas said.