Where every step counts


Photo credit: Aaron Martinez

Anthony Clark takes a shot at the game against Covina on December 14.

 The South Hills boys freshman basketball team defeated West Covina, 62-34 at the Kings of Cameron game, which sparked motivation for the team in the new season.

“After beating West Co. I felt really fulfilled because they did petty things for us to be off our game but we ended up beating them,” Anthony Clark (9) said.

This season, the team has been filled with great confidence and high hopes to win many games.

“We’re expected to go undefeated, we have a pretty good team,” Josh Ong (9) said.

Even in the games they may not have been playing their best at, the players were motivated by their coach to keep pushing.

“The best piece of advice I’ve probably gotten from my coaches is to always play hard no matter how badly you’re losing or where you’re in a game,” Justin Jones (9) said.

The players have been taking extra time to improve individually at their game.

“I just got to work on my all-around game, I’m not really a pro at my shooting, so I’m trying to work on everything,” Ong said.

The boys freshman basketball team enjoyed playing games together. Some players expressed their favorite moments of the season.

“My favorite part about playing on the team is probably playing with my friends, getting hype, you know it’s just fun winning games,” Jones said.