Student’s share how they prepare to take on the PSAT and SAT


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A familiar sight for many students preparing for high stakes testing.

Students of South Hills voice their different stresses and anxieties about test-taking leading up to the PSAT and SAT.

A lot of students have their thoughts about the PSAT and SATs and have different ways of dealing with the stress that may come with any test-taking.

“I think the PSATs and the SATs are a good way to challenge students but it comes [with] a lot of stress, especially for seniors who are entering college,” Bella Mendez (9) said.

According to a study conducted by researcher Kareem Al-Khalil from Georgia Southern University, test-taking anxieties are not only just based on the present but a person’s overall experience with test-taking. Junior Angelica Quinonez talks about her anticipation leading up to the test and how students may be pressured to try and succeed at the test not wanting to be labeled as, “not good enough”.

“I’m very much scared to take it, I feel like a lot is riding on it. [But] at the same time, I don’t feel like I have to do good, but I want to be good. It’s just a lot of anxiety,” Quinonez said.

Other students are ready to take on the test and are well-prepared and able to handle their nerves accordingly. Having studied and researched more about the test, Junior Liani Arevalo, was able to handle her nervousness well enough not to let it affect her test-taking.

“I did study for the PSAT. I attended two sessions held by Northview [High School], I was able to take a pretest and was provided with practice questions,” Arevalo said.

Research shows that learning how to study efficiently and being well-prepared for any test can lessen a person’s test anxiety more. Junior Katelyn Isa decided to jump into the test head first and go with the flow.

“I feel like some students thrive better outside of a test environment, rather than being put under pressure taking a test,” Isa said.

Isa decided to let go of any anxieties she had because she didn’t have many feelings towards the PSAT and SAT.

“I think people make it more of like a big deal than it has to be, they can thrive in other areas outside of test-taking, ” Isa said.