You can do it too


Julianna Wilson helps the huskies score 3-1 at the League Championship game against Walnut High on October 5, 2022.

On October 3, 2022, JV sophomore captain Julianna Wilson was officially moved up to varsity which impacted not only her but the JV and varsity team.

“I think it was definitely a difficult decision for all the coaches, but I think I proved my worth, with all of my hard work- during practices and games and taking things seriously, but also having fun,” Wilson said.

Wilson not only told us how she felt but also gave some advice on how someone else could be moved up, especially as a non-senior.

“I think hard work is key and sometimes you have to make sacrifices to be successful,” Wilson said.

Wilson’s new senior teammate, Payton Wright, the varsity captain, shares how she felt with the additional new teammate.

“It felt kind of nice because we had an odd number, so it evened us out,” Wright said.

Wright also shared how Wilson’s move up was appreciated by the team.

“She helped with it(team dynamics)she’s a fun spirit,” Wright said.

One of Wilson’s former junior teammates, Savannah Mendoza, JV libero told us how she felt with her accomplishment. “I think before she was a really good leader and she gave a lot of tips to everyone and kept the energy really good. And when she left i felt like that all kind of died down and made a little impact on us,” Mendoza said.