Girls golf 2022, a season of camaraderie and success


Photo Credit: Steve Mashoof Pro Pic Photo

The 2022-2023 girls’ Varsity Golf Team Poses for their group photo at the South Hills Country Club.

South Hill High girls golf varsity players reflect on their fall season. 

According to the girls’ golf coach, the athletes enjoyed the year so far. They were very appreciative of their time on the golf team.“It’s been a really fun year, and the girls have been great,” Jeremy Ortiz said. Ortiz said that the team has amazing leaders and a strong team camaraderie. 

“I would say this year we have some girls who are really good leaders. And I really appreciate that. Golf isn’t an individual sport, but the team camaraderie I feel like has been pretty good this year,” Ortiz said.

However, coach Ortiz has shared that it has been difficult as some of the members have little to no experience in golf. “I think it’s just our inexperience this year. It’s been a little difficult. We have a lot of girls who’ve played in matches for the first time,” Ortiz said. 

Some members of the team, like Amber Gonzalez, find inspiration from professional golfers such as Lizette Salas. Gonzalez believes there’s not much female representation in golf.

“There’s just not a lot of female representation in sports as it is, but in golf even less… It was like Lizette Salas was kinda an idol. She was my representation, she made me feel strong. She made me feel like I deserve to be here and play,” Gonzalez said.  

Gonzalez also shared that golfers are always trying to find ways to improve their skills.

“You’re always trying to get better and better. You’re always practicing and trying to get stronger, trying to improve your technique. You know, maybe refining fundamentals. But, I think it’s honestly the same for everybody. You’re just constantly trying to get better and everything so you can play better as a whole,” Gonzalez said.