Cheer on the huskies


Photo Credit: Yareli Sanchez

South Hills’ JV cheerleaders engage the crowd by cheering on the JV football team at the Covina-Valley District Field.

The junior varsity cheerleaders of South Hills High School discuss their thoughts and experiences about their all-year-round sport.

Charlotte Wright (10), one of the JV cheer captains, gave her thoughts on what she thinks a cheerleader consists of.

“My definition of a cheerleader is someone who can encourage the crowd and keep the team’s spirit up, even when they’re losing,” Wright said.

Freshman and cheerleader, Samira Barraza, had an experienced background in this sport before she came to cheer at South Hills. Even though All-Star Cheer and high school cheer may not be the same, she decided to try it.

“I’ve been cheering since I was seven. So I’ve kind of always liked cheer because I love doing stunts and tumbling. And then when I heard about high school cheer, I decided to try it out and give it a go,” Barraza said.

First-time flyer and one of the JV cheer captains, Alexa Garcia (9), discussed her goals and aspirations toward her four-year term at South Hills.

“My goal is to get through these four years and hopefully be able to balance everything out and be an inspiration to these girls. Like putting discipline, but also making it fun, and hope that they want to do it again,” Garcia said.