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“The Beekeeper” Review


Disclaimer: “The Beekeeper” depicts violent scenes of brutality and murder. Topics like these might not be suitable for all audiences.  Common Sense Media advises that Beekeeper is appropriate for ages 16+. 

Many action movies nowadays always have the biggest, most complicated, and convoluted plots. It leaves you with more questions than answers. But occasionally, you need some fresh air, and “The Beekeeper” delivers that perfectly.

“The Beekeeper” by David Ayer, is a movie with a simple plot. It focuses on a retired assassin who brought himself back to end an evil corporation that hurt someone he loved. 

The premise is simple and works for the story and the action the director wants to present. The movie explores the role of Adam Clay (Statham’s character) and other beekeepers and how they protect “the hive” against corruption. The director also tries to set up a few more side stories but does not explore those too much, leaving the interpretation up to the watcher.

The action in the movie is full of suspense. Clay seems unbeatable for most of the movie and while I know some people aren’t a big fan of that, it allowed for some creative kills that still made sense when you consider where his character retired from. 

The kills in the movie almost seemed like a horror film. When Clay was not being hunted, he was hunting those who were trying to kill him. Other kills were more technical yet simple so it also made them more entertaining. Some other kills focused on brutality, which could make it uncomfortable for some viewers.

The characters in the movie are also really fun to watch. They have a variety of personalities and you could tell the actors had fun making the movie. 

Each actor had their own style that added to the charm of these characters. The antagonists are a perfect example of this. They had to be charismatic but that was a fake persona they put on until Clay showed up. Statham’s character is like a typical assassin who delivers amusing but cheesy lines. Some characters helped with the world-building of the movie, adding more drama or raising the stakes around the final act.

If you are looking for a simple, yet enjoyable movie, I suggest watching The Beekeeper. It is a fun movie to watch with some friends or maybe even family. 

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