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Team Conrad vs. Team Jeremiah: the eternal debate

Fans are debating which “The Summer I Turned Pretty” brother they like better. Plunge into the moment of debate. Team Conrad or Jeremiah?
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Belly poses with the Fisher Brothers. Conrad, right Jeremiah, left.

In the world of contemporary young adult literature, few stories have captivated readers quite like Jenny Han’s “The Summer I Turned Pretty (TSITP)” series. At the heart of this beloved trilogy lies one of literature’s most enduring debates: which Fisher brother is better, Conrad or Jeremiah? Two siblings in a love triangle with the famous Belly, their mother’s best friend’s daughter. As fans continue to discuss, it is time to take a closer look at both sides of this sibling rivalry.

The Appeal of Team Conrad

Team Conrad supporters have a compelling case for why the brooding older brother deserves the ultimate affection. From the moment he is introduced, Conrad’s puzzling nature captures the reader’s heart. The older Fisher sibling is known for his mystifying handsomeness, physiological depth, and unshakable loyalty. His complexity, marked by a tumultuous past and a hint of vulnerability, makes him all the more intriguing. 

Conrad’s evolution throughout the series of grappling with his emotions and responsibilities adds more depth to his character, endearing him to many readers. His tormented soul and capacity to love strongly and selflessly strike a harmonious chord with those who root for Team Conrad. 

To get a more compelling visual for Team Conrad I interviewed Jazlyn Sanchez (9), who has a preference for Conrad Fisher. Sanchez states that although Conrad is pleasant to look at, she thinks that Conrad’s intellectual display is of higher quality compared to Jeremiah’s. 

“Conrad’s work ethic, problem-solving skills, and ability to think one step ahead make him stand out and contribute to his overall excellence,” Sanchez said. “He has a strong work ethic and consistently delivers thought towards every character in the series.” 

Overall, I think we get a clear message of Conrad’s overall endearing personality.

The Allure of Team Jeremiah

On the other side, Team Jeremiah supporters have their reasons to adore the fun-loving, absolutely charming, outgoing, and carefree younger Fisher brother. Jeremiah’s magnetic personality and easygoing demeanor make him an instant favorite for many, as he is less puzzling in contrast to Conrad. His charisma, sense of humor, and adventurous spirit are for sure hard to resist, while they provide a welcome contrast to the more serious and brooding nature of Conrad. Jeremiah’s undeniable chemistry with the protagonist, Belly, and his ability to bring joy into her life and the lives of those around him create a strong case for those who support Team Jeremiah. 

For Jeremiah Fisher, I interviewed Nilah Ulloa (9). “I adore Jeremiah because of his vibrant personality,” Ulloa said, “How he brings joy, humor, and care to the story.” 

In general, Jeremiah’s unwavering support and positive influence make him a compelling lovable character. 

The Influence on Belly

While the rivalry between Team Conrad and Team Jeremiah is a matter of personal preference, it’s essential to remember the impact these brothers have on Belly, a shy and fun girl they both deeply desire. The choices she makes and the relationships she nurtures are essentially tied to the dynamics of her relationship with both Conrad and Jeremiah. This makes the debate more than just a question of “which brother is better” but rather an exploration of the kind of love and emotional connection Belly seeks.


Ultimately, the debate between Team Conrad and Team Jeremiah is a testament to the depth and richness of Jenny Hans’s storytelling. Both brothers bring unique qualities to the narrative, and their appeal depends on individual tastes and what readers value in a character. Some may gravitate towards Conrad’s intense and mysterious nature, while others may find themselves drawn to Jeremiah’s light-hearted and bubbly spirit. 

As readers, we are privileged to witness Belly’s journey to self-discovery and growth, and the two Fisher brothers play a crucial role in shaping her world. Whether you’re firmly Team Conrad or Team Jeremiah, remember that the true magic of this story is in the love, the growth, and the beauty of the summers that shape us all.

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