Band students take a trip to O’ahu, Hawaii


The South Hills High band students pose for a photo at a Luau in Hawaii.

Every four years, just before spring break, band students from South Hills High travel to Hawaii to not only perform but also create special moments and cherish them with their peers.

The musical group embarked on a journey to Hawaii with the intention of showcasing their talent and gaining new perspectives. The excursion is regarded as a chance to spread the name of the band and acquire more publicity.

“The ultimate goal is to use it as a recruiting tool to get our name out there, if we can get them in the door then good things can happen,” Michael Wooten the Band Director said.

Not only does the trip provide an opportunity for the band to gain more exposure and recognition, but it also serves as a means for the members to explore and discover new parts of the world. In acknowledgment of the band members’ diligent devotion, this trip serves as a well-deserved tribute to their commitment.

“Band students put in a lot of time and we want every kid to get the opportunity to take a big trip,” Wooten said.

A considerable portion of their journey involved spending quality time with their companions, as they embarked on adventures throughout the island.

“Performing is the point of going, but we’re also all just trying to have a good time,” Macie Allen (12) said.

The band was able to perform four times throughout their stay in Hawaii. Two performances were for an audience, while the other two were for a clinic held by the schools in Hawaii.

“When we came together the performances were really good overall, the band team made it work with the members that were able to go,” Lasmarias said.

The band performed two times one was at the Ala Moana mall in front of a live audience. The other performance was special because it took place at Pearl Harbor in front of a crowd beside the ship.

“Pearl Harbor was really special, just the significance of the history behind it. Being there and imagining what happened there that day just makes it amazing,” Wooten said.