A basketball star in the making


Photo Credit: Serina Martinez

Denia Evans (9) tips the ball towards a teammate during a CIF game against Bishop San Diego.

Freshman, Denia Evans, was brought up to varsity as the only freshman during her first year of playing  high school basketball and had an astonishing season with 60 blocks, the most on the SHHS basketball team.

“I feel privileged because I was the only freshman on varsity the whole season, I just feel kinda lucky because I felt like I earned my spot as a freshman,” Evans said.

Being on varsity as a lower classmen, Evans noticed it raised the expectations of those who watched her play. She realized being on varsity so young also made it harder to blend in with her teammates.

“Everyone is watching you because they’re trying to see what you can do and a lot of people like to say ‘she’s gonna be good’ so it’s kinda hard to prove yourself now and it’s hard to fit in with people so much older than you,” Evans said.

Along with the pressures of expectations for Denia’s future, and constant growth in the game, she also has to find an efficient way of balancing her studies.

“I kind of do everything at the same time because I had to create a schedule to fit everything. I usually didn’t come home from practice until eight. It was kinda hard because I did have a lot of work but you just have to create a schedule.”

Despite those obstacles, Evans wants to continue her success throughout college.

“My plan is to go to a junior college and then transfer to a university,” Evans said. 

Evans shares some knowledge for players like her who are curious to how she got to where she is.

“Be patient and everythings a process,” Evans said.