Getting ready for STUNT season


Photo Credit: @southhillshuskiescheer

SHHS STUNT competes at the CBU Joust Tournament.

This season is South Hill’s second season of STUNT. The team’s first game was on March 14 and some team members shared their thoughts about the sport and getting ready for their first game.

“STUNT is a new sport for females that has skills originating from cheerleading. STUNT is a head-to-head game between two teams who do skills-based routines in multiple categories including partner stunts, jumps & tumbling, pyramids & tosses, and team routines that include all three listed above,” Rochelle Ortega (10) said.

Since starting the second season, some routines have stayed the same and others have changed.

“This year, I am confident in my routines and know all my material. The second season is different than the first because the first season was the first year this officially became a sport. It was new to everyone and sort of a trial and error. You learn as you go. This season we know more about what we are doing and have an idea of what the games are like,” Bella Villareal (12) said.

The STUNT team is more familiar with the sport now that they have been in it for two years. Everyone has a routine to get them in that mindset for gameday.

“To prepare for stunt games, I like to listen to my game day playlist which is basically just songs to “lock in” and go over my routines in my head,” Marisa Cordero (11) said.

The STUNT games are mentally and physically challenging and the team is getting ready in different ways.

“We’ve prepared by dissecting the videos that are provided by the STUNT organization. Seeing and copying exactly what they do and doing it well. Then it’s all about practice making perfect. If you keep drilling something over and over again, it’ll become muscle memory and you’ll do it amazing every single time,” Rochelle Ortega (10) said.

Although the South Hills STUNT team works hard every practice and game, they love to create friendships and have fun at the same time.

“Stunt is a sport that gives you a family, it is an escape from the real world, something that gives you support, especially in your hard times, your team will always be by your side and help you through difficult situations,” Madison Hernandez (9) said.