South Hills High School boys basketball players reflect on their season


Photo Credit: Jordan Rodriguez

Sean Jones (10) dribbles past two defenders during senior night and finishes the layup with a contested shot.

South Hills boys basketball players reflected on their 2022-23  season leading up to the senior night game. 

Senior Ryan Martinez had been on varsity for two years and started playing basketball at the age of four. In anticipation before senior night, Martinez expressed his emotions before his final game at South Hills.

“Before the game, it was very emotional for me knowing that it was my last game after senior night. But it was very good to say my thank you’s to the people who played a big part in my life,” Martinez said.

Sean Jones (10) shared his emotions before this big game. Although he is not a senior, he will miss some of his fellow teammates when they graduate. 

“It was kind of sad knowing it was my last game with the seniors. But we still wanted to focus on the game to get to the playoffs,” Jones said.

Sadly, they did not win that game but they played hard and ended the season with a  score of 53 to 64.  We asked senior Zack Reyes to summarize their season as a whole. 

“I wish we would have won more games and it [the season] was okay,” Reyes said.

Reyes has been playing basketball since he was 12 when asked about advice to future basketball players at South Hill High School he said “Never give up. Always keep pushing through.”

Ryan Martinez gave some final words of advice as his final season came to an end at South Hills High School.

“Always pursue your dreams and never give up.”