Which NFL fan base is the most obnoxious?



Images of fans that enjoy being extreme or obnoxious.

Apparently, the team you root for between August and February really does say a lot about you. Some teams are known for having loyal fans, but the real question is who has the most obnoxious fan base in the NFL? An obnoxious fan base is a fan base that is too loud or rowdy, and is very unpleasant to be around.

The Chiefs get lots of hate since they have been a very good team for the past few years, but some would say that they are overrated and are not judged fairly.

“I dislike the Chiefs the most because they are overrated, and they have Patrick Mahomes who everybody thinks can do no wrong,” Javier Ferreyra (9) said.

Other teams get lots of news attention like the Cowboys, who have been one of the biggest franchises in all of football.

“I dislike the Cowboys the most because they have an obnoxious fan base and they get lots of clout that they don’t deserve,” Max Hernandez (9) said. 

Fans also give teams a negative reputation when they are very loud, and some say they act outlandish. Fans can overshadow how the team is actually performing, because no one can get over the wild actions the fans do. This can cause the fan base to get generalized as rowdy and childish. 

“The 49ers have the most obnoxious fan base from experience, a lot of my family are 49er fans and they always yell at everyone. And when they lose they always make excuses and get super defensive,” Ferreyra said.

Fans can easily get carried away with how passionate they are for their team. This causes them to seem very over the top and outlandish in the eyes of fans of other teams.

“I feel like a bar fight describes a Cowboy fan because they are loud and they think that they are tough and good,” Hernandez said.

Some fan bases take the route of being unpredictable and act different just for the sake of being different and not for a good reason.

“The Chargers have the worst fans because they are weird and like to be different,” Mariyah Porras (12) said.

Professional casters and sports journalists have listed the Raiders among the top when talking about obnoxious fan bases. 

“While in the golden state, the Raiders’ fans were known to be very arrogant and aggressive, fighting opposing team’s fans and sometimes even fighting each other,” Dane Wanniarachchige from TheSportster.com said.

According to Bleacher Report and Thrillist, the Raiders and the Cowboys are both in the top five most rude fan bases. Reputations do not mean everything, but when a group is generalized in some way it is more likely that they will stay to that image rather than change it.

Fifty students around campus were asked who they thought the most obnoxious fan base was, and the results seemed to match up with what many experts expressed.