Choir behind the curtain


Photo Credit: Mrs.Miralles

South Hill High School choir rehearses before their big fall concert.

Imagine you’re a freshman, and you decide to give choir a shot. As you walk closer to the class your anxiety grows with questions like “what’s it gonna be like?” or “what will the people be like in the class?” South Hills High School choir students reflect on their experiences since joining the choir.

One highlight of choir was the fall concert. Junior, Andres Galindo shared that in preparation for his fall concert, he made sure to know his own repertoire and has been improving his vocal range or pitch.

“Making sure that I know what my part is, how low the pitch is or how high the note is…and if I could even go as high as I want to,” Galindo said.

Galindo gave advice to anyone interested in joining the choir.

“If you’re ever going to do choir, don’t freak out…no matter how many years of experience you have, you’re always going to mess up,” Galindo said.

Junior Jade Rodriguez shared some of her experiences since beginning to participate in the South Hills choir.

“I thought it was fun…I never thought I’d get to experience it, but I did…we’re practicing all the time and I practice with the teacher,” Rodriguez said.

Sophomore Esther Montes shared that since moving from Ball Junior High School, she decided to continue choir at South Hills High.

“I did choir at my last school but didn’t want to stop doing choir…and I really like choir,” Montes said.

Montes felt that during her time at South Hills, she had a chance to significantly improve her vocals.

“I feel like being in the South Hills choir I’ve improved a lot… and I think it’s great,” Montes said.

South Hills choir students work hard to create a safe space for everyone that’s judgment-free. It’s a priority that everyone feels welcome to express themselves vocally.

“If somebody needs help, we will help each other out,” Montes said.